0.13.0 Pubg Mobile Beta Version Download


0.13.0 Pubg Mobile Beta Version Download

Godzilla Event
PUBG Mobile recently released a video announcing a partnership with the upcoming movie Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. The new update will bring a special event as a part of the crossover which includes a new loading screen, new avatars and avatar frames, and a new event mode called Team Deathmatch. The new mode allows two teams to play against each other with unlimited respawns. The team that has the maximum number of kills in what looks like a 9-10 minute match. There is also a special easter egg where you can actually see Godzilla lurking around in the water when you spawn in Erangel and you can also spot giant footprints on the map.

We could also see the addition of a new gun yet again called the Bizon. This is already available on PUBG PC and is a Russian submachine gun fitted with a large capacity helical magazine. It takes 9mm ammo and while it isn’t confirmed, it could be restricted to Erangel and Vikendi maps

Apk 0.13 Download

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