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Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 APK
Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 APK

What’s New On PUBG Mobile 0.10.0?

#1: MK47 Mutant
This gun has been in the Xbox and PC versions for a while now, so it’s nice to see it finally arrive on smaller screens. It’s a versatile assault rifle with a 20-bullet clip and multiple firing modes.

#2: Laser Sight Attachment
Shoot down enemies with laser precision with this sight. The MK47 is one of many guns that can take advantage of it.
New control settings:

Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 APK
Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 APK

#4: Screen Customisation
Customize your screen layout with a series of presets and variables.

#5: Additional chat options
Use dozens of scripted text and voice dialogue selections to communicate with teammates.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 APK
Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 APK

#6: New weather, scene optimization
Rainforest Map – Sanhok added random dynamic weather – cloudy, in which cloudy, rainy and foggy days will alternately and dynamically change; all day unlimited, the small probability to brush out.
some areas are arranged a new building, arranged a bunker near the part of the river, part of the space arranged more trees.

#7: New firearms
New firearms: M762 assault rifle – use 7.62mm caliber bullets, can assemble all rifle accessories except gun butt, can be brushed out on three maps.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 APK
Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 APK

#8: New Vehicle
Add new vehicles: scooter only in the rainforest map – Sano brush;

#9: New dress up a scheme of the system
Users can save multiple sets of clothing with the program, and quickly switch warehouse.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 APK

#10: New watch opponent system
Players and their teammates can be watched after the opponents of the game, until the end of the single game.

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#11: Firearms related optimization
QBZ, QBU updated a full set of magazines The model of the accessory.
Update the 4x mirror star pattern of UMP9 and Vector to keep the same as the end game.
Add the sound performance of the sniper rifle.
Update the animation of the first person part of the firearm.

#12: Firearm Balance adjustment
Slightly increased the lumbar scatter at rest, slightly reducing the lumbar spread of the underarm state.
Reducing the vertical and horizontal recoil of the AKM.

#13: Depth optimization of the throwing system
General optimization: When the temperature is thunder, the station can be switched. When the temperature is thunder, you can switch between high and low. The cancel button can be customized. The high and low throw buttons follow the change button to support customization. When you are sideways, you can throw it.
Fragmented grenade optimization: increase the effect of explosive tinnitus and increase the damage.
Optimize the combustion bottle: it can be blown up by firearms. The flame after the explosion can spread on the wooden floor and can break the glass and wooden door, and the damage is improved.
Bomb optimization: the front determination area is enlarged, and the whitening effect is optimized after the bullet.
Options are classified under tactics, movement, and discussion.
A bunch of in-game outfits.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 APK

#14: Character action optimization
The new character’s standing movement when the motorcycle is flying.
The character’s twisting action is optimized, and the torsion angle is adjusted. Direction.
Add left-hand swing action according to the fall height when the character falls.
Optimize the fluency of the character climbing the first half of the action.
Add the detailed action of leaving the plane and open the landing when jumping


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