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Lucky Star App
Lucky Star App

Your chance to win branded products at
throw away prices!

Lowest Unique Bid

where the bid that is both lowest and unique, wins

How to Play?

To participate, press ‘Go Bid’ & you will be required to pay the specified number
of Coins. You can bid any number of times until the bid is closed.

Winner of a Bid

The bidder who wins a bid, must claim it by making payment for the same
at the bid price he/she won it at, within 24 hours of the close of bid.


There are basically 2 types
of Quizzes
Single Entry:

where you can participate just once

Multiple Entry:

That permits you to re-participate any number of times, as long as the quiz is open,
subject to paying the requisite coins

Some quizzes are free to participate, while others attract a participation fee through Coins. Again, there
are variations within each quiz, such as ranking on the Leaderboard based on Best Score,
Cumulative Score & Last Score and Limit on number of Participants.

Once a quiz is closed, based on the ranking on the
Leaderboard,winners are declared.

Refer Code: 8837550921

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